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Eating Mantras during pregnancy

  • Frequent small meals.

  • Post meal walks.

  • Not lying down immediately after eating.

  • Avoiding over indulgence in any one thing.

  • Eating something one is craving for in moderation is fine.

  • Avoid packaged processed food.

  • Overly salty or excessively sweet food should be avoided.

  • Stick to home made food and only occasionally eating out after first trimester in place of good hygiene.

  • Plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.

  • One cup of tea or Coffee maybe acceptable.

  • High protein carbohydrate controlled diet.

  • In first trimester do not stress too much about what to eat .. over zealousness can lead to vomiting and hence the purpose is lost. Also sometimes its normal to loose some weight in the first trimester.

  • Fruits and multicoloured vegetables are packed with the all essential micronutrients and minerals and increasing their intake in second trimester is a good idea.

  • In third trimester , baby is now growing, so are its needs and mother's stomach also has reduced capacity. High protein energy rich smoothies and shakes can help with that in providing protein and energy packed in small volume.

  • Its ok to occasionally indulge in traditional homemade food like Panjeeri and Gond Laddoos and a teaspoon of ghee in Daal daily.

High Vegetarian protein would be Rajma, Chole, Green Moong, Urad, Soyabean, Kale Channe, Nutri nuggets, Quinoa, Jowar, seeds, nuts, Tofu and Dairy products like milk, yogurt, paneer

High Non Vegetarian protein would be Eggs, Chicken, Fish, mutton - but should be fully cooked before eating

High fibre diet all whole lentils, Whole wheat flour mixed with bran, Jowar, Ragi, Bajra, brown rice, Green leafy vegetables, fruits like apples, pears, citrus fruits, unrefined versions of lentils and cereal, Oats, Broken wheat Dalia

Iron rich diet should include green leafy vegetables, beans, spinach, kale, broccoli, bajra, dry fruits like almonds, nuts, raisins, organ meat like liver

Food rich in Folates important before you plan pregnancy and also in first trimester Its found in Green leafy vegetables, fortified breads and pasta

Low Glycemic index food Green vegetables, fruits, raw carrots, kidney beans like Rajma, Chawli, Chickpeas (cholas), bran based cereal.

Food rich in Zinc Chicken, dairy products, Sunflower seeds, Eggs. Lentils, Onion and ginger

Food rich in Calcium Ragi, Dark green vegetables, Soybean, Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, paneer.

Food rich in Vitamin D Take food fortified with Vitamin D like Milk and breakfast cereal, Fatty fish like Tuna and Salmon, Eggs, Cheese and Lots of Sunshine !

Food rich in antioxidants is good to remove the harmful byproducts from the body. Try to have multicoloured food eg red capsicum, orange carrots, Purple brinjal, green vegetables etc Salads are good source of multivitamins, Minerals, fibre and antioxidants. But make sure they are fresh and washed properly.

Foods to avoid with hypothyroidism cabbage, kale, cauliflower, raddish

Food to avoid in Diabetes sweets, root vegetables, white rice, pulpy fruits, sugary drinks, white bread, rice and pasta, honey, dried fruits, packaged snacks, fruit juice, fried food

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