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Lifestyle management for PCOS

1. Avoid Overeating:- PCOS is linked with increased insulin levels and the body not using it, results in increasing male hormones. Controlling eating portions helps in regulating insulin levels.

2. De stress yourself:- When in stress, the production of male hormones increases, which in turn leads to insulin resistance. This may further lead to type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Hence, keeping a check on your stress levels by practicing yoga or meditation is helpful.

3. Stay away from packaged foods:- Packaged foods contain preservatives, additives, flavors & colors which alters hormonal functions if consumed regularly. Therefore, it is essential to minimize consumption.

4. Include strength training:- Regular strength training improves your muscle size and glucose utilization in the body is enhanced. It also improves insulin sensitivity resulting in improved PCOS symptoms.

5. Fixed sleep cycle:- Irregular sleep patterns or late sleep timings alters the functioning of hormones. So, indulge in maintaining a proper body clock regime and sleep for 7-8 hrs a day.

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