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Morning Sickness

Updated: May 30, 2020

Even though it is called morning sickness, it may not be only during the morning time. It usually seen in first three months but rarely may be troublesome throughout pregnancy.

It is a very common symptom of healthy pregnancy and can be treated with home remedies, some medication and subsides in due course by the end of third or fourth month usually. Rarely, it’s a cause for concern and necessitates hospitalisation.

Some tips to handle morning sickness:

Do not have fluids first thing in the morning.

Try taking a dry snack like cracker, toast or idly

Do not get up suddenly from bed. Avoid jerky body movements.

Have frequent small meals and snack in between meals.

Drinking cold and sour fizzy drinks may help.

Ginger, lemon, orange and mint candies help changing the flavour of the mouth and hence control nausea.

Brushing after eating.

Try to identify and avoid triggers like strong smells, closed small rooms or loud noise etc which precipitate the sensation.

You need to seek medical help when vomiting daily or all daylong specially if you notice blood in it or vomiting frequently enough to prevent you from leading a normal everyday life. Any signs of excessive thirst, loosing weight, feeling dizzy while getting up, urinating less or unable to retain a morsel of food or water, calls for action.

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