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PCOS and You !

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

One in seven women suffer from PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is a common disorder and you are not alone with it. Its primarily a lifestyle disorder and unlike what many may feel, it doesn't always merit a drug therapy.

Lifestyle modification is the key to successfully managing the problem on long term basis. It is a

forerunner of many diseases like Diabetes, depression, heart disease, eating disorder, sexual dysfunction, high cholesterol level, sleep apnea etc along with periods and fertility related issues. This is why it is considered a syndrome and not just a disease.

It’s a state of hormonal imbalance leading to male hormone and diabetes hormone excess in the body. As a result women may experience acne, male pattern hairfall and facial hair, irregular periods along with weight gain.

Treatment modality depends on current goals of the woman. Primary treatment being weight reduction by way of junking the junk food and increasing the activity level.

A weight loss of 5% goes a long way in normalising the hormonal imbalance leading to regular ovulation and hence cycle regularisation.

Sexually active woman not planning on pregnancy can land up with unplanned pregnancy and may be the right candidate for Oral Contraceptive Pills.

Oral contraceptive pills can also help in reducing the excessive male hormone and hence take care of acne and abnormal facial hair.

Women trying for pregnancy may take a little longer or may need some help in getting pregnant. These women are not ovulating every month hence may need extra time or some help with ovulation induction.

It may seem daunting but quite afew patients have Polycystic ovaries on ultrasound without their knowledge and may not actually have any symptom or need any treatment. In case of any symptoms and cause for concern then treatment along with lifestyle changes maybe warranted depending on age and pregnancy plans.

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