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Planning for pregnancy

  • Give yourself time.

  • Do not assume, deciding to plan pregnancy will yield results in the first month for everyone. That may not happen but pregnancy will eventually happen if you are patient in most cases.

  • Being stressed over getting pregnant may have a detrimental effect on your hormones. It may lead prevention of ovulation and also partner performance failure.

  • Its ok to give yourself atleast 6 months, if not one year, before thinking of taking help for conception.

  • It is a good idea to be screened for some diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid issues, Anemias, Vitamin D deficiency or any other disease which runs in the family, when one starts planning pregnancy.

  • Knowing immunisation status for Rubella (German Measles) is also a good idea and if vaccination is required, one should avoid getting pregnant for at least one month after vaccination.

  • Folic acid supplementation 3 months ahead of when planning pregnancy is also recommended to prevent neural tube defects.

  • All medications that you maybe on, should be relooked at from pregnancy point of view. Do not stop any medication suddenly without consulting your primary physician. You may need a switch to safer medications only.

  • No over the counter medication or antibiotics or X ray should be done specially in second half of cycle, while planning pregnancy.

  • Eat fresh healthy balanced diet and do mild to moderate exercise.

  • It is best to be within normal weight range before you become pregnant. This increases chances of getting pregnant without any medical help and also avoids medical issues like Diabetes, Hypertension, and other weight related issues.

  • You and your family members have to stop smoking for a healthy pregnancy. Both active and passive smoking can be harmful.

  • Alcohol and excess of processed food should also be avoided.

  • Just because a friend who started planning with you got pregnant while you didn’t or your friend had a problem conceiving, you shouldn’t be stressing about that. Each couple is different. If you are in your twenties, it is usually only after one year of healthy relationship without conception that you should be concerned and look for help.

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