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Urinary Tract Infection

Women are more prone to Urinary Tract

Infections ( UTI) than men. Main reason being proximity of the passages for urination, menstrual flow and for motion. Despite best hygiene practice they may come more often for some than others.

Some basic precautions can keep UTIs at bay:

  • Drinking lots of water helps in washing out minimal infections.

  • Not delaying passing urine once the urge is there.

  • Passing urine after Intercourse.

  • Avoid spermicidal creams or diaphragms and use alternate methods of Contraception.

  • Cleaning oneself from front to back and not the other way.

  • Avoid using bidets which spray water from behind.

  • Pat dry oneself after completion of act of passing urine and washing oneself. Dampness invites infection.

  • Always complete the treatment course even if you see improvement in first few days of treatment.

  • No robust proof, but unsweetened Cranberry juice helps in keeping UTIs at bay.

Repeated UTIs can lead to ascending infection to kidneys, infertility or lead to preterm labour in pregnant women, hence the importance of timely action.

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Well explained Dr 👍🏻

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